Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts

"DIana's true gift is the ability to hear beyond what the human mind allows to bring in new concepts and to help with deep spiritual healing where you may not have been able to reach on your own."

About Diana

       Diana Kushenbach is a psychic and medium and a retired law enforcement officer with over 15 years of Law enforcement experience.  During her police career, she served in many areas of law enforcement:  Investigations Sergeant and Supervisor, Evidence Technician, Field Training Officer, Crime Prevention Supervisor, DARE Educator, Public Information Supervisor, and Patrol Supervisor.  Diana was the first female supervisor of her department and received recognition for her dedication to the job.  She later made the decision to leave behind her police work and friends in law enforcement to devote herself to raising the family she had always dreamed of. 

   But soon, police cases of a different nature started to emerge.  The unexpected death of a close friend opened Diana to an expanded empathy, energetic sensitivity, and psychic ability.  She began to identify and code energy patterns and sensations in her own body that correlated with illnesses, etc. in those around her.  At the same time, she found herself receiving the physical sensations, emotions, and thoughts of crime victims (in addition those who died from other causes).  In following up on information that they provided, Diana recognized that she could also read energy from physical places, objects, and people.  Diana feels a strong commitment to giving a voice to those victims who no longer have a voice of their own.

   Diana has assisted several law enforcement agencies.  Her police background has enabled trust between police and psychic.  Her understanding of law enforcement allows her to adapt her skills to work within the legal parameters of criminal investigations and to present possible applications for her abilities. 

    Diana can assist Victim Families, Law Enforcement Agencies, States Attorneys’ Offices, Coroners’ Offices, Fire Investigators, Private Attorneys, Private Investigators,and Insurance Fraud Investigators with cases.  She is willing and capable of adapting to work with you and your specific circumstances.

Diana also has a professional training course suited for any Intuitive ,Psychic Detectives, or Trained Investigators., focused on finding location, understanding energy, clearing blocks to intuition, and Ethics.

NOTE:     I suggest that any person who is looking for a missing loved one assume they are alive no matter what anyone has suggested or a psychic has told them.  Psychic information is not always understood by the receiver.  I wish for all of you that are looking for answers for missing or closure for cold cases the best of luck and blessings.  -Diana Kushenbach