Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts

Messages from the Enochian Tablets will challenge conventional wisdom and traditional thought, and may have you questioning everything you thought you knew about our existence.  “When God first spoke to the Angels, He created the ‘Enochian Tablets’ to explain the duties of the Angels. Over time the Tablet became a manuscript on how to better serve God and his plan for “all that is, was, and will be.”

  A Lightworker’s Guide to Energetic Clearing, the second portion of this two-part book, explains ways to accelerate your spiritual path. Along with channeled writings and healing symbols from the’ Enochian Tablets,’ this book includes original information about raising the vibrations of crystals, a pendulum energy reading and clearing system, deactivation codes to clear and restructure complex energy, and intuitive energy healing methods.

Messages from the Enochian Tablets
A Lightworker’s Guide to Energetic Clearing