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Intuition Empowerment for Youth (age 10-18) with Diana K.
Saturday March 25th 2:30pm-4:00pm.
We will focus on Healing Energy such as Reiki, the Aura and Energy Fields, learn how to reset the chakras, and how to allow healing energy to flow naturally.
Diana has worked with intuitive and empathic  youth for several years to help them feel empowered and not afraid of their Spiritual connection and intuitive abilities.   Each session we will work on a new skill and address any concerns or topics that the group has.  Parents are encouraged to attend . Cost: $10  (per family)

Gong Meditation with Henrietta

3/27/17  7:00pm-8:15pm Cost $25
Henrietta takes you on a meditation journey by creating resonating, harmonic sounds using her singing bowls and gongs tuned with the moon & wind.  These sounds create deep vibrations that encourage cells, organs, and systems to re-tune at their balanced frequencies.  The harmonic vibrations flow to and through the chakras and within the points of the body where tension or injury memories may be stored.  The sounds of these instruments provide a centering point of focus for our busy minds to find a natural state of peaceful relaxation.
Your part is natural and easy. Come and sit or lay out to allow the vibration to enter your being.  Bring a blanket and floor mat to lay on.

Inspiration for Healing with Sylvia Davis

Channel, Author, Life Coach
Friday March 31st 7-8:30pm   Cost: $20 

Group Healing ** Divine Sacred Heart** with Diana Kushenbach
April 1st 7:00-8:30pm  Cost: $20
This will be a spiritual healing in a group format led by Source/God to heal all aspects of the self for the current space you are in.  Some of the healing covered in this Source led sessions will be emotional, spiritual, physical, intuition, past lives, outdated spiritual and emotional contracts, limits placed on you by others, free will, areas of your energetic field you are not able to access yourself.
Soul Grid clearing and Healing cannot be accessed by others and Diana will be hold the space required to access and heal the places in your Soul Grid using the Sacred Heart healing method.  This healing method was taught to Diana by Source and her High Level Spirit Guides and Masters.
You can always schedule a personal session with Diana at any time.
Bring an open mind hearts and a place in your Soul for deep healing in this session.

Mediumship Awareness Group 

Wednesday April 5th7-9pm Cost $20
This group provides all skill levels a chance to learn something different each session about spirit communication, mediumship, channeling, earth bound spirits, house and land clearing, the paranormal, healing, other dimensional beings and much more. (Hosted by Diana Kushenbach) Diana teaches from spirit and each session is different depending on the group. Sessions are interactive and build on any skill level.
Reserve your space at info@policeintuitive.com or call (630)269-0115

Deep Soul Meditation with Diana Kushenbach Cost $10   6-6:45pm
We will work to connect with the higher levels of your Soul at your God/Source connection to bring in information useful to your Soul's Purpose and upcoming events in your life. 
We will first balance and connect you using a Crystal Gong and Theta Crystal Bowl. you will then sit in silent meditation for approximately 30 minutes. Diana will hold space. Holding space the way we define it is blocking any limiting energies and holding the channel as clear as possible. When Diana holds space there are connections, visions, sensing and knowing that are not normally possible when meditating on your own.  Bring a meditation mat if you wish to sit on the floor otherwise we will be seated in chairs. Bring a notebook if you wish to take notes from your meditative experience.
We will enjoy a clear deep connection with Soul and God while raising our vibration and the vibration of the planet.​

Advanced Channeling Development with Diana Kushenbach
Monday April 24th 7-9pm Cost:$20
We will work on our advanced verbal channeling skills after a short meditation.
Channeling Divine Spirit is a skill that can be learned when you can filter out your own hurts, blocks, subconscious mind, and have the ability to step aside and allow new concepts and information to come in.  Anyone is welcome to attend but this will not be an introductory class but tailored to work with advanced skill level trance channels, or mediumship channels.
The focus will be building on what you have already learned and entering into the next level of development for you, while being part of an advanced group of light workers, mediums, channels, and healers. 

Building on Mediumship Skills-Program Signals/Assisting Earthbound Spirits

Sunday April 30th 6:00pm-8:00pm $20
-Preprogramming Signals for Consistent Details in Mediumship Readings and work.
-We will spend time working in a meditative state programming both body signals and symbols to add details to the information you already receive.
-Using your Mediumship Skills to Assist Earthbound Spirits and to communicate with your Spirit Guides.
In this 2 hour class we will review discernment of energies (spirit guides, Source, Earthbound Spirits, residual energy and other)
Discussion of why spirits do not always find or go to the light, how we can help, and methods of assisting these Spirits to release from the living either person or property.
**You can use these new skills to add to what you already do during our regular Mediumship Awareness Groups


Reiki / Energy Healing Share with Reiki Master/Teachers Pat Olson and Diana Kushenbach
Practice – Support – Learn
Sunday TBA 1-3pm $5
Our purpose will be to give and receive Reiki and energy healing treatments.
All are invited to participate regardless of experience with Reiki.
At the beginning of the Share, Pat will do a Reiju (spiritual blessing) empowerment for anyone who would like to receive it, to open their energy channels and strengthen their connection to God/Source.

Two Day Intuitive Energy Healing Class (Intuitive Target Healing™ ) with Diana Kushenbach
June 10th and 11th  10am-3pm both days
Cost $115 (covers materials and supplies for both days) bring or buy your own lunch (Subway, Green Healthy Café, and Chinese Restaurant in same strip mall)
Limit 25 students (must have your information for a certificate of completion and deposit of $40 by June 1st to attend) Link to pay deposit online $40


Day One:
The basis of intuitive energy healing, sensing energy, and connecting with your Higher Self and Source to receive direct guidance during healing sessions.  Guided Meditations to connect and program basic signals and receive an attunement or energy boost to assist your path in healing.
Allowing spirit to guide when targeting areas to assist your client in balancing or clearing.
Healing Pendulum System (Messages from the Enochian Tablets: A Lightworker’s Guide to Energetic Healing by Diana Kushenbach) Vows and Contracts, Past Life Healing and Clearing, fears, false truths, energy clearing at home and work, etc.
Discussion of Discernment and how to clear lower vibrational beings and energies. 
Use of Crystals in Clearing Work
Practical Experience in intuitive placement of healing wands and crystals

Day Two
Short Meditation
Subconscious Blocks and Clearing Methods (777 Purpose and Truth over Resistance by Barbanne Bainer)
Subconscious Pendulum Chart
Using meditative states to connect with deep soul clearing and healing.
Advanced targeting of dense and lower thought forms
Using Essential Oils to assist in bring forward buried information
Practical Experience with intuitive healing methods learned
More about Diana at www.policeintuitive.com  email questions to dkushenbach @Hotmail.com  or call 630-269-0115
Diana has worked thousands of client sessions for the past 8 years and has written two books.  She has mentored advanced healing and mediumship students for several years. Intuitive Target Healing is Diana's Healing Method she created with her experiences. 

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