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​​​​​​Events and Classes

6458 College Rd, Lisle, IL 60532 

​Store Hours Open Wed. and Fridays 10am-4pm

​Private Sessions with Diana Monday,Tuesday,AND Thursday

​Walk in Mini 15 minute sessions with Diana Kushenbach $20 available on open store hours (Reiki and/or Sound Healing) all other sessions schedule online.

Check our current schedule of classes at our meetup group or online class website for other events and online classes.  The meetup group is the most up to date place where events are posted.  Join at www.meetup.com/dianakushenbach

Online Class Registration at https://spirit.learnitlive.com/Dianakushenbach 

Younger Youth Meditation and Discussion (Age 3-9) NEW!!
Saturday July 1st 11:00am-11:45 $5 (per family)
Diana has added a group for younger youth.  This group is 45 minutes long.  We will have a sound meditation at the beginning of each session and then discussion about any spiritual issues or topics you have with your child including sleep issues, dream issues, spirits, and feeling other people's energy or mood too deeply.  We will clear energies that do not belong and learn to feel strong in our spiritual world without feeling drained or scared.  This session $5 per family. This group is meant for spiritually open youth that could use focus and empowerment with their gifts.

Intuition Empowerment for Youth( Age 10-18)  $10 per family  (90 minute session)
Saturday July 1st 2:30pm-4:00pm
Each session we will work to better understand how to navigate our spiritual paths while being able to enjoy the physical part of being here.  We always connect and help each other with any issues with energies, both negative and positive, dreams, meditation, spirits, energy vortexes, feeling empowered and in control of spiritual gifts.  Some discussions include meditation, energy clearing, energy healing, crystal healing, prayer, sound healing, color healing, and more. If your child would feel more comfortable in the 3-9 yr old group and is 10-12 they are welcome to attend either group.  Make sure they are comfortable attending before having them attend.  They often know what is best for them in the spiritual area. I have found this to be most beneficial if they are not forced to attend. 

Unconditional Love Meditation with Diana Kushenbach
Friday July 7th 4:30-5:30pm $10
Friday July21st 4:30-5:30pm $10
In this meditation we will sit in unconditional love (love without limitations or barriers) and recharge ourselves in all aspects of who we are with this love.  You do not have to have meditation experience to attend. 
Diana K. is able to hold the energy of unconditional love for the group meaning she brings in the energy with her higher guidance and spiritual strength and love. This is a silent meditation for 45 minutes. You may sit in the chairs provided or on the floor. Please bring a meditation mat if you wish to sit on the floor.
We will repeat this session every 2 weeks on Friday from 4:30-5:30pm until July 21st. Cost is $10 per session and you do not have to attend every session to benefit
Reiki / Energy Healing Share with Reiki Master/Teacher Pat Olson and Diana Kushenbach
Sunday July 9th 1-3pm $5
Practice - Support - Learn
Our purpose will be to give and receive Reiki and energy healing treatments.
All are invited to participate regardless of experience with Reiki.
Email with any question info@policeintuitive.com or call 630-269-0115.

Navigating Human Wants When Manifesting your Future with Diana K.
Sunday July 9th 7-9pm  $20
In this two hour session we will talk about human wants and desires that interfere in manifesting your future.
Manifesting, or co creating with God/Source is a way to create your dreams with the support of the Universe.  If someone wishes to force what they feel is the right answer, you may not be aligned with your path and destiny.  You may create unnecessary delays without even realizing your want is not aligned with the plan. We will practice releasing the wants and attachments to outcomes.
We will work to first see what and if your wants are aligned with your path.  We will ask Source/God how to make what you are seeking aligned with your path, and we will practice manifesting at the highest level so you can experience that as a group.
We will also discuss how other people's desires may interact with your human want to create a false destiny.
Diana is a self-taught Psychic and Medium, and Intuitive Energy Healer and receives all of her information and learning directly from Source.  Diana has written two books and is in the process of her third book. Diana mentors advanced Psychic, Medium, and Healing students. More about Diana at www.policeintuitive.com
Mediumship Awareness Group
Wednesday July 12th 7-9pm $20
This group provides all skill levels a chance to learn something different each session about spirit communication, mediumship, channeling, earth bound spirits, house and land clearing, the paranormal, healing, other dimensional beings and much more. (Hosted by Diana Kushenbach) Diana teaches from spirit and each session is different depending on the group. Sessions are interactive and build on any skill level.

Gong Meditation and Sound Healing Session with Henrietta Hammerlund
Saturday July 22nd 7pm-8:15pm Cost $25
Henrietta takes you on a meditation journey by creating resonating, harmonic sounds using her singing bowls and gongs tuned with the moon & wind. These sounds create deep vibrations that encourage cells, organs, and systems to re-tune at their balanced frequencies. The harmonic vibrations flow to and through the chakras and within the points of the body where tension or injury memories may be stored. The sounds of these instruments provide a centering point of focus for our busy minds to find a natural state of peaceful relaxation.
Your part is natural and easy. Come and sit or lay out to allow the vibration to enter your being. Bring a blanket and floor mat to lay on.

Reminder Pat O's Usui Reiki I class Saturday July 15th
sign up at www.meetup.com/dianakushenbach



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