Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Diana is an Intuitive Healer, Psychic Medium and Channel, Ordained Minister, Author, and Certified Reiki Master and Teacher.

   Diana connects directly to Source/God/Universal energy during each healing or reading session to provide the highest level of information to assist in one's healing. Many times Diana locates soul fragments, fears that can be reprogrammed, past/future/other lifetimes that need to be healed, and sources of long term issues located in the subconscious and other parts of the individuals spiritual being. Diana heals from her soul body at times where certain energy can only be seen.  Diana can help you to reprogram unnecessary fears and addictions without hypnosis.

   In addition to being intuitive, she combines methods of energy healing with tuning forks, essential oils, flower essences and crystals to promote healing of body, mind, emotions, and spirit.  Diana has also developed a personalized approach and system to read symptoms and restore vital energy once “blockages” are identified. Diana's systems are Integrated Target Healing ™(an intuitive healing modality combining laying on of crystals, pendulum work, energy healing, and tuning forks) and Vibratory Acupuncture™ (acupuncture without needles using rare crystals and technique)

Healing for other Healers and Complex Cases of Entity and Spirit Removal

Diana is skilled in highly complex energy healing cases including entity removal both from locations and persons, healing portals, energy repair in one’s spiritual body after intense healing work, complex twin flame cases, past and future life repair work, distinguishing parallel lives, Soul attachments and contracts, connecting to your Soul's destiny when being blocked by others and self, establishing a stronger connection to Source, learning to stay in one’s power and to direct and amplify Universal Energy during healing work, how to accurately read  a healers energy field when they are actively healing others, how your area of responsibility affects biofeedback devices, ending complicated psychic attack, how to free meridian points of stored trauma and lower vibrations, learning about your direct connection to destiny and to determine if your choices are aligned with destiny, eliminating portals of attachment for the mentally ill, understanding lower level entities and false higher entities, updating outdated energetic bonds or updating current valid contracts that are not working for the individual, complex dimensional cases, extraterrestrial cases , and anything in between or beyond. 

Crystal Light Bed Sessions

Color Healing and Crystal Healing through the Crystal Light Healing Bed.

You can combine this modality with biofeedback also. Each chakra is cleared, balanced and raised in vibration through 20 minutes to 1 hour depending on what you feel guided to schedule.  Many clients feel refreshed and feel a sense of inner peace and higher connection after their sessions. 

In a session you relax on a Healing Table with the lights on over you and lined up with each chakra.  These are LED lights so there is not heat.   The power of color healing is amazing when combined with the light coming through a vogel like clear quartz crystal point.   I normally put light music and light aromatherapy (diffused essential oils) during the session and you relax alone in a peaceful healing room.